Creative Learning Centres

Creative Learning Centres

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For over 10 years Northern Ireland's Creative Learning Centres have been helping schools and communities use digital creativity to support learning.

 The Creative Learning Centres are based in Belfast, Armagh and Derry~Londonderry. They work by giving training, resources and advice to teachers and learners around digital technologies and creativity. Creative learning is all about making things; creating films, computer games, animation, music and digital stories, 3D printing, fabrication and design.  These are all mapped into the curriculum by the Creative Learning Centres for the benefit of all ages and abilities. Support is provided for teachers and learners through classroom-focused training. 

The real power of technology in the classroom as a tool for school improvement and increased attainment, is only fully unlocked through the use of this creativity-based approach.  Filming a chemistry experiment, creating a maths-based computer game or 3D printing a historical monument all help us to think more deeply and learn about a subject.  Sharing that learning and insight with others creates both a pride in our work and develops our communication skills.  This is where arts and creativity are at the heart of learning. STEM becomes STEAM, offering deeper engagement with learning across the entire curriculum.

The Creative Learning Centres are independent and non commercial, funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen and inspected by the ETI.  They operate as impartial centres of advice and knowledge around technology and learning for both schools and communities across Northern Ireland.  As technology changes the way we live every part of our lives, it also changes the way that we can learn.  The Creative Learning Centres exist to provide resources, guidance and support around developing Northern Ireland's future classrooms today.

Contact Rachel McDermott, Schools Partnership Coordinator for more information