TALK | Guide to DIY Podcasting with Small Town Big Dreams

Saturday 27 Mar 2021 - 10:00am

Have you been dreaming of starting your own podcast? Are you a beginner looking for tips from those who know?

Join local podcasting house Small Town Big Dreams as they invite you to step into the world of DIY podcasting.

In this event we’ll catch up with experienced producers and presenters in the Northern Irish podcasting world to get some behind-the-scenes insights on ideas, and advice on making and sharing a podcast from home with minimal gear.

The session will be hosted by Small Town Big Dreams’ Karishma Kusurkar, who will be joined by guests Jeananne Craig (All Change Please), Andi Jarvis (Strategy Sessions) & Graeme Watson (Small Town Big Dreams & Inside John Patrick Higgins).

This is a FREE event and part of Nerve Centre's #SpringIntotheCreativeIndustries month, supported by the Department for Communities and Northern Ireland Screen. For further information or to make us aware of any access needs, contact p.larkin@nervecentre.org