Canadian Drum Making Workshop

First Nations Canadian Drum Making Workshop

Saturday 21 Jul 2018 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture and craft your very own traditional Native Canadian drum with John Somosi of Sky Buffalo.

An enriching experience, participants will receive a drum frame made of cedar and use elk skin for the head of the drum. Places are available for creating a 13" drum at £140 and a 15" drum at £175. All tools and materials are included within the cost.

Participants will also share in traditional teachings about the instrument while being taken through the process of making one step-by-step.

'The drumbeat represents the heartbeat of the earth and is expressed in our songs. The songs are prayers and stories. In times like these we need to remember our cultural roots, whoever we are.'

The workshop will be followed by a talk on First Nations culture and the importance of the drum, and in the evening a showcase performance to cap off the day's teachings.

There will also be a merchandise stall selling a number of traditional crafts including deer hide neck pouches, sterling silver dreamcatcher earrings and necklaces, messenger bags made from deer, buffalo and moose skin and tobacco puches.

John Somosi is an Aboriginal artist in Canada of First Nations Metis heritage. A craftsman, singer and ceremonial pipe-carrier, he follows Ojibway traditions and brings experiences gained from many years of sharing with and learning from elders from all over Turtle Island (North America), as well as time spent with the Aborigines in Australia, to his workshops.