TALK | Mammy Banter & Michael Fry Talk Online Success

Friday 19 Mar 2021 - 7:00pm

Join us for an evening of guaranteed laughs with two of 2020’s biggest online success stories – Serena Terry aka ‘Mammy Banter’ and Michael Fry.

We’ve asked two of this year’s biggest social media comedy stars to talk to us about what it’s like behind the filters. Michael and Serena will chat with upcoming journalist Niamh Campbell - herself a prolific Tiktokker - about going viral, the constant need for content and whether they’d ever consider switching their phones for the bright lights of the big stage. 

So get your sofa ready and settle in for an evening of banter as we go behind the scenes and learn how the laughs are made.

This FREE event is part of Nerve Centre's #SpringIntotheCreativeIndustries month supported by the Department for Communities and Northern Ireland Screen. For further information or to make us aware of any access needs, contact Paula:


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About our panelists

Serena Terry, also known as 'Mammy Banter', started using TikTok during the first lockdown and has since amassed over 370k followers on the platform, and over 50k on Instagram. Using short comedic video skits she has become 'the lockdown voice of mammys' due to her endearingly honest and satire take on day to day life as a working mum during lockdown.

Michael Fry is a comedian and content creator from Navan. He is best known for his satirical sketches and musical renditions of viral videos on Twitter and Instagram which have led to appearances on podcasts, radio and television in both Ireland and the U.K.