Jeanette Hutton

FFF Festival Club | Jeanette Hutton Album Launch (with support from Noella Hutton)

Sunday 28 Nov 2021 - 9:00pm
£9.50 + Booking Fee

Born and raised in Derry, Jeanette Hutton is best known for her heritage in rock. Present in both performing and writing for the past 3 decades and then some!

At the age of 18, Jeanette moved to London with her first band Philby and gigged all over a very established rock scene at the time.

For the next musical chapter, Jeanette returned home and formed Lady J with a few good heads to achieve a self-titled album with major grooves, layers of restraint and good old-fashioned authentic vocals.

Jeanette followed this with a fine self-titled album forming Blood with her sister Noella Hutton. This was a shift to a more acoustic vibe and provided a perfect platform for both sisters to showcase their musical abilities, arrangements and deliver a fine blend of blood harmonies.

Jeanette has just completed her first solo acoustic album. Jeanette Hutton, Melancholy Me. This sees her stepping out on her own for the first time gifting a collection of dark, reflective and weighty tunes that showcases her as a more introspective writer with brooding stories to tell....

- Ticket holders will also receive an album copy at the launch -


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£9.50 + Booking Fee