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The Film Corner Reloaded - A cultural approach

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'The Film Corner Reloaded – A cultural approach' is a follow-up project to the successful 'The Film Corner - Online and offline activities for film literacy'.

The aim of the second edition of the project is to design, develop and test film education resources for students aged 11-18 and their teachers.

The new project is dedicated to an interdisciplinary and cross-curricular approach to film education centered on the main topic of film and its relationships with other subjects in the curriculum. 

The platform utilises a selection of EU and non-EU films and audiovisual clips. The Film Corner platform will also present a catalogue of EU both classic and contemporary feature films that will be available for free on a Video on Demand section of the platform.

The Film Corner connects the critical, creative and cultural/interdisciplinary approaches, making an all-in-one interactive tool that can help develop a comprehensive program of film education. The platform will also include a public networking space in which members can connect, fostering interaction and virtual online dissemination of the project.

The platform is available free of charge for school teachers and students. 

 For further information, visit the Film Corner website.

The Film Corner project is led by Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, with partners from the UK, Georgia, Serbia and Slovenia.