Turner Prize Nominated Artist Willie Doherty’s Work Showcased Online

13 May 2020

Some of the artist’s work is being shared online for the first time.

Artist Willie Doherty is undoubtedly one of the best-known talents in the art scene in Northern Ireland.

Back in 2013, Nerve Centre worked with Willie Doherty to produce UNSEEN. The major exhibition of photographic and video works opened as part of the City of Culture celebrations. Spanning the length of the artist's career, this collection of work was captured entirely on the streets of his native city of Derry and its hinterland.

Kerlin Gallery has now published the UNSEEN catalogue, it is available to view online or purchase a physical copy here.

Another collaboration between Nerve Centre and Willie Doherty, ‘Without Trace’ has become available to watch online until May 15. The video work, filmed in Zurich in 2013, came about as the result of the artist’s engagement with the city during several stays. Galerie Peter Kilchmann has made the short film available to view here