Participants at HOME Exhibition

STORY | Making the Future's 'HOME' Exhibition Showcases Community Stories in East Belfast

18 Nov 2021

A new exhibition made up of everyday objects linked to memories from people's homes has opened at the What's the Story space at Portview in East Belfast.

'Home' was an engagement programme led by Making the Future and delivered by National Museums NI and Nerve Centre and organised in partnership with Training for Women Network

As part of the project, women connected to the city of Belfast were encouraged to think about the importance of everyday life in the home and to bring forward items that had particular resonance to their experiences.

The group went on a journey of reminiscence and discovery with Researcher Eli Davies, exploring their past, telling stories relevant to their lives and developing this unique and personal showcase. 

The exhibition at Portview features objects submitted by participants with a special meaning or story attached. Items include photographs, personal knitted items, a remote control and two tennis balls - all of which carry their own unique and personal story. 

Visitors to the space can listen to audio recordings from each of the women as they explain the significance of their chosen object. Visitors are also encouraged to leave their thoughts on what object they would submit for an exhibition. 

The exhibition is open in the 'What's the Story' space of Portview Trade Centre each day from 10am–5pm until Friday 26 November.