SHOWCASE | 'Creative Minds' Launch Virtual Gallery Exhibition

21 May 2021

A virtual exhibition of work created by participants of the 'Creative Minds' project launched this week, including animation, video, photography, music and creative writing.

In a series of virtual sessions delivered by Nerve Centre in partnership with the Rossdowney Recovery Service, service users have explored using digital media and technology to produce creative responses to various themes. With an emphasis on using readily available technology such as free online apps, the group have been able to develop skills in producing music, film, animation and photography using their own devices at home.

Aiming to offer a creative outlet in what has been a very challenging time, the project proved a vital opportunity for connection and collaboration while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The virtual delivery format gave the additional benefit of being able to reach participants who might have found meeting in person difficult.

You can view the group's creations in the virtual gallery below.

The 'Creative Minds' project was delivered by Nerve Centre in partnership with Rossdowney Recovery Service, supported by Western Health and Social Care Trust Mental Health Innovation Fund.