SHOWCASE | Armagh youth group creates animated documentary

8 Jul 2021

Participants in Nerve Centre’s ShortCut Renewal Film programme have completed work on short animated documentary Little Voices.

Seven young people from Armagh have successfully completed an animated documentary exploring their experiences during lockdown.

Little Voices is an animated documentary inspired by the Shortcut Film Education Programme. Directed by Rachel Hynds and animated by Colm McKenna, the film was made with the Armagh EpiCentre – Picture This youth group. Rachel, Colm and Sharron Currie from the Nerve Centre worked with seven young people aged 12-13 over seven weeks from February to March to create the film.

In these sessions Rachel took them through the process of creating a plasticine model while discussing the issues affecting them currently in their lives. The making of the models was a fun way to allow an activity to lighten the discussion on difficult topics of mental health and the lockdown.

These sessions were recorded and the audio was carefully selected and edited to form the narrative structure of the animation. Animator Colm McKenna then lip-synced and animated each model with their own particular voice/conversation. 

The characters made by the young people are synced to these teenagers' recorded conversations as they navigate the most recent lockdown, voicing how it has affected them.

Little Voices is the first of six films currently being produced by different community youth groups across Northern Ireland as part of the ShortCut Film Education programme, each with its own distinct story to tell. The films are a unique insight into the worlds of these young people, giving them the chance to voice the issues and topics affecting their lives.

Little Voices was funded by Northern Ireland Screen through the Department of Communities' Renewal Programme.


About ShortCut

The Shortcut Renewal Film Project is part of the Nerve Belfast/Nerve Centre ShortCut Film Education programme. This new film project has been funded by Northern Ireland Screen through the Department of Communities' Renewal Programme. Find out more about the work we’re doing here.