Vanessa Redgrave

Official Statement From Vanessa Redgrave

23 Nov 2018

We regret to announce that Vanessa Redgrave has had to cancel her visit to this year's Foyle Film Festival due to illness. Ms Redgrave requested that the festival pass on the following message on her behalf:

“I was really looking forward to presenting my directorial debut ‘Sea Sorrow’ at the Foyle Film Festival but unfortunately I have a bad, stubborn chest infection which is preventing me from being with everyone in Derry. I made this film because of my lifelong commitment to Human Rights and now particularly the rights of refugees who are being prevented from finding safety across Europe. These inhuman policies echo the great crimes committed against Jewish refugees before and during the Second World War which is why we must support Human Rights Laws and hold governments to account when they are breaking them. I wish the Foyle Film Festival great success with all the fine films being screened and discussions being held on many vital issues.”  Vanessa Redgrave

The producer of Sea Sorrow, Carlo Nero will stand in for his mother to introduce the film and take part in a post-screening discussion. He will be joined by renowned documentary filmmaker Sue Clayton whose film Calais Children: A Case To Answer also deals with the refugee crisis, and screens as part of the festival programme.

Foyle Film Festival sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused, but the circumstances are beyond our control, and we wish Vanessa a speedy recovery.