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New Graphic Novels on Eoin MacNeill and Lady Lilian Spender to Launch

3 Mar 2021

On Tuesday 9 March the Nerve Centre's Decade of Commemorations project will launch two new graphic novels, exploring the lives of Eoin MacNeill and Lady Lilian Spender.

New graphic novels exploring the lives of Eoin MacNeill and Lady Lilian Spender, key figures in the events of the decade of centenaries, are to be launched on 9 March.

The novels have been developed by the Nerve Centre’s Understanding the Decade of Commemorations project, in partnership with the Tower Museum. These novels have been produced to mark the centenary of the partition of Ireland, and will be launched as part of the Nerve Centre’s Spring Into The Creative Industries Festival 2021.

They are the latest in a series of Creative Centenaries resources on real people involved in events across the Decade of Centenaries, 1912–1923.

The Eoin MacNeill story, developed by artist Clare Foley and with a script by Seth Linder, charts the life and career of the man remembered for countermanding the orders for the 1916 Easter Rising. It explores the life of this renowned scholar, Irish language enthusiast, Gaelic revivalist and Sinn Féin politician.

The Lady Lilian Spender story, developed by artist Hilary Lawler and with a script by Seth Linder, explores Lady Spender’s remarkable diaries, covering one of the most turbulent periods of Irish history, from the Home Rule crisis to the Anglo-Irish Treaty and beyond.

The new novels will be developed with a Key Stage 3 educational resource.

Stay tuned as we launch these exciting new resources on 9 March 2021!