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Nerve Centre partner with Gallery of Photography for Galleries Without Walls project

5 Aug 2021

The Nerve Centre have partnered with the Gallery of Photography Ireland to support the exciting new collaborative project for artists.

The Galleries Without Walls initiative will bring together photographers and composers to create audio-visual digital artworks. Three photographers will be selected from an open call by an international expert panel, and a further three will be invited. The artists will then undertake an experimental collaboration with specially selected composers.

The purpose of the project is to facilitate connections between different creative fields, allowing artists to experiment with innovative new formats for presenting their work. 

The finished work will be exhibited online and also in a physical gallery installation. Artists and composers will be paid a fee and supported in the creation and promotion of their work. The costs of minting and marketing an NFT are also covered.

Successful artists will: 

  • Collaborate with a specially selected composer in the creation of a new audiovisual digital artwork

  • Feature in an exhibition of the audiovisual artwork at RCC Letterkenny; as an outdoor projection event at Gallery of Photography Ireland, and online on the Museum of Crypto Art’s curated Somnium Space.

  • Receive an artist’s fee of €1000. 

  • Obtain guidance from experts in crypto art.

  • Receive support in video and sound editing of the collaborative artwork

  • Have their audiovisual digital artwork minted and made available for sale as an NFT at no cost to the artists. All proceeds go to the collaborating artists.

For more information and to apply visit: