Jill Todd Photographic Award

Section Display: 
Nerve Visual

March - June 2017

Nerve Visual hosted the Jill Todd Photographic Award from March to June 2017, the first time the award had been exhibited in Northern Ireland.

The annual award aims to recognise the work of Fine Art and Photography graduates from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland and gives them the experience and profile of a gallery show.

Jill Todd was a young photographer from Northern Ireland who graduated from Edinburgh’s Napier University in 2009 with a First Class Honours degree in Film and Photography.

Jill’s flourishing career escalated as she was recognised as emerging talent in Scotland, and was quickly commended for her growing potential.

Sadly, her career was short lived as a cancer related illness took her life in 2010. Her family, friends and colleagues in the world of photography set up the Jill Todd Trust and the Jill Todd Photography Award to commemorate her name.

The exhibition consists of works by three winning entrants: Linda Conroy from Ulster University, Mads Holm and Emma Levy, and a further six entrants whose work was commended by the judges: Calum Douglas, Nadia Gabriel, Mat Hay, Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, Arthur Montgomery and Sam Wood.

The exhibitors were selected by a panel of judges and included recent graduates from courses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ulster.