Epilog Mini 24 Laser System

The Epilog Mini 24 laser cutter utilises a high powered laser to make precision cuts in a variety of materials, from paper and wood to acrylic and glass. With a convenient table size of 24" x 12" (610 x 305 mm), the Mini 24 is the perfect size to fit pre-cut laserable materials The laser is accurate to 1/100 of an inch (.01 inches), which allows it to cut very complex, intricate designs.

3D Printer

A 3d printers can create a physical model of virtually any shape through the extrusion of plastic based filament (PLA, ABS). There are a few different printers available within the Lab. Uses range from the creation of replacement parts to 3d art, and the formation of educational aids to jewellery.

3D Scanner

A 3D scanner can be used to create a 3D virtual model from a physical object. The resulting files can be processed in any 3d software package, and the resulting file re-imagined in the physical space through the use of 3D printer, laser cutter or ShopBot.


The ShopBot is a large-scale computer controlled (CNC) milling machine/ router.  The shopbot allows for the manufacturing of anything from furniture, artworks and signs up to buildings of varying size. Sheet sizes up to 1220 x 2440 can be accommodated. By substituting different bits, designs can be cut, drilled shaped and carved.

Electronics Bench

The lab has a well-equipped electronics bench that includes soldering stations, function generator, scope, power supply, and a generous stock of components.

Scroll Saw

The scroll saw is an electric saw that can be used to cut intricate patterns in a variety of materials. In the FabLab, the scroll saw is used for freehand cutting and finishing both wood and metalwork based projects.


The aim of the Fab Lab is to make the design tools available to all. Therefore we use freeware where possible.

Here is a list of the current design tools and software we use. If you are not familiar with drawing packages, it is worth downloading a few at home and doing the online tutorials and you can be designing away in no time.

Please note if you have files made using other software, where possible you might want to bring your software in case you need to tweak things during your visit to Fab Lab NI.

Roland GX 24 Vinyl Cutter

The Roland GX 24 is a versatile digital cutter.  

Using a digital servomotor cutting speeds of up to 500mm/s can be achieved. It also features a curve-smoothing function that allows precise cutting, even at high speeds. The result is faster production and more professional looking graphics. Couple this with the wide range of media the GX-24 accepts such as vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyl, twill, heat transfer and sand blast material and you get a fantastic piece of sign making equipment.