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Conference Facilities

The Nerve Centre has been a provider of niche and innovative conference space since its opening.

Within the centre there are a variety of spaces available which deliver specialist space for a wide variety of clients from arts organisations to corporate clients and from digital creatives to business users.

As a community-based organisation at the heart of the city we also cater for family groups, charities and community associations.

Whatever the event, from fairs to special interest meetings, from parties to lectures and from corporate launches to charity fundraisers, the Nerve Centre has the flexibility to meet all your requirements.

Perhaps our most familiar space is our Main Venue, which is known to many music fans as the premiere live music venue in the North West. However, the Main Venue also comes alive as a conference facility and meeting facility for corporate clients, public agencies and community organisations.

The Nerve Centre also has two intimate and high specification screening rooms, perfect for special screenings, lectures, performances and birthday parties, of course.

As well as our Main Venue and cinemas, the Nerve Centre also contains a number of versatile spaces including a series of small to medium meeting rooms and boardroom type facilities.

The Nerve Centre is Northern Ireland's leading combined arts and multimedia centre and so all spaces have an array of audio-visual aids available to the client and a team of technical staff on hand to facilitate all your requirements.

Flexibility and friendliness are the watchwords for the Nerve Centre and its staff. Our spaces can be used in a variety of combinations tailored to your specific requirements, which sets the Nerve Centre apart.

For further information on conference and venue facilities contact us at info@nervecentre.org.