CADi (Creative and Digital Innovators)

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Annual programme delivering a range of OCN accredited courses, introducing young people (aged 14-18) to creative industry career pathways. In partnership with the Education Authority Youth Service.

CADi Film

This programme will give those who want to be graphic designers the chance to learn new or build on existing skills. This OCN Level 3 course will explore with participants how to digitally create eye-catching digital artwork. Participants will also be challenged through the programme to produce of key artwork and promotional materials for the youth service and/or with other young people who access the youth service. 

CADi Sound

Sound engineering today is a key element in not only recording music artists and mastering a track, but new technologies provide more creative ways to
delivery live sound and master audio for film. This OCN Level 3 course in Sound Production will give young people the skills for recording & mastering sound for film or musicians, as well as rigging for either a live band performance or a spectacular event!

CADi Events

Successful and memorable events take professional planning. This OCN Level 3 course will train participants on how to plan and co-ordinate a variety of events, from Music shows, Conferences, Partes and Celebration evenings. Considering and planning the key elements from lighting and sound to film and photography to put together a professional package guests our audiences will never forget. Participants will gain key experience in planning events like the Youth Service Oscars & Camp Rock Road Show

CADi Perform

Our annual Camp Rock programme just got better. We are not only increasing the number of spaces available, we will be helping each participant gain a
qualification for all the work they put in during the week. This OCN level 1 course will be delivered as a stand-alone element during the Camp Rock Programme. 

Apprenticeship Programme

Afer training is complete all CADi Film, Photo, Publish, Events and Sound participants will get a chance to build their career portfolio delivering projects or programmes in your relevant area of training. Each participant as part of the programme will be required to complete two projects in this period and deliver one Youth Service Event together. To help prepare for after graduation from the CADi programme, participants will meet as a group every six weeks in their area to update portfolios and explore options to develop their skills further, either in the creative media industry or in further or higher education. All this is done with the support of a Youth Worker in the local area.

CADi Graduation

All successful candidates who complete all the required elements will be invited to the end of year Graduaton gala event! This will be a night of celebration, gowns and mortarboards, to recognise the creative and personal journey they have taken through the CADi programme

For more information on the CADi programme, contact Paul Deighan,