Fab Lab

A FabLab is a digital fabrication workshop which allows anyone to make practically anything. Developed by MIT in Boston, almost any concept which can be designed on 2D or 3D software can be manufactured quickly and cost effectively within the labs and skills developed around IT, Design and Fabrication. The FabLab will operate at community, educational and innovation levels, utilising a model of shared and collaborative problem-solving to unlock creative solutions with its users, and will also be part of an international, interconnected network of labs. Users will have an unprecedented opportunity to access state of the art digital tools within a community setting. 

The Nerve Centre's FabLab is partnered with a FabLab based at the Ashton Centre in Belfast - the first FabLabs on the island of Ireland. FabLab is a partnership with the Ashton Centre in Belfast which is supported by the European Union Peace Programme administered by SEUPB.

Watch MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld talk about FabLab in a TED presentation below.

Location map