Digital Book of Kells Animations

Digital Book of Kells Animations

At the heart of the Nerve Centre's creative educational programme for 2013 was the Digital Book of Kells project. This gave over 900 primary school child in Derry~Londonderry the opportunity to take part in the creation of a new 'Digital Book of Kells' for the 21st century. Additionally, teachers across the city were trained and supported in delivering creative digital projects within the curriculum. These skills, for both teachers and learners, are entirely transferable and will ensure a real digital skills legacy for 2013 will remain in our schools for years to come. And it doesn't end there! In the spirit of Colm Cille, teachers involved in the Digital Book of Kells Project will be sharing their skills by training colleagues at their schools!   

In 5 animated chapters the animations tell stories from our shared past spanning almost 1500 years from the birth of Colm Cille to the legacy of his Golden Age of Learning today. 

Chapter 1 ~ "Colm Cille"

Explore the fascinating story of the Saint, Scholar and founding father of Derry-Londonderry, from his birth to books, battle, banishment, monsters and monasteries!

Chapter 2 ~ "After Colm Cille: Life In A Monastery" 

Ever wondered what went on in a medieval monastery?- pupils tell their stories about life for monks in the creative hubs founded by Colm Cille.

Chapter 3 ~ "Illuminated Inspiration: Inside The Book of Kells"

Unlocking the secrets of the beautiful Celtic designs and calligraphy and how symbols were used to tell stories in the famous book made at Colm Cille's monastery on Iona. 

Chapter 4 ~ "Making It: From Cow To Cover"

Farmers to scribes to metal smiths- see how making this masterpiece of Celtic art involved keeping cows, dangerous journeys all over the world and intricate artistry.

Chapter 5 ~ "Treasure In Peril: The Story of The Book of Kells"

From the peace of the scriptorium to the violence of Viking plunder- follow the Book of Kells on its travels from Colm Cille's monastery on the island of Iona to the safety of inland Kells, and beyond...


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