Watch the New Video for Rebecca Mulhern's 'Scenarios' Track

Watch the New Video for Rebecca Mulhern's 'Scenarios' Track

Next month will see the official release of Scenarios, a brand new album of collaborations between award-winning musician, songwriter and producer David Lyttle and a host of artists both emerging and established across Northern Ireland.

Written and recorded during Lyttle's 2015 tenure as Nerve Centre Musician-in-Residence, the album is currently available to stream on Soundcloud ahead of its physical arrival at the end of June. You can listen to it in full here or enter for your chance to win a stunning, 12 inch vinyl edition from Culture Northern Ireland.

In the lead-up to then, Nerve Centre is premiering the first of three videos created for tracks from Scenarios. Rebecca Mulhern is a talented young singer-songwriter from Derry~Londonderry, who has spent the past number of years involved with various music development programmes at Nerve Centre. Read about her track 'Control', and watch the video, below.

How did you first get involved with Nerve Centre and then the album?

I first got involved several years ago, after attending one of the Music Promise workshops. After being introduced to the Nerve Centre, I attended several other workshops and courses, improving my performance, writing, event management and promotional skills.

Nerve Centre has been so helpful to me over the past few years, and every course I have attended has been to the highest standard. They're an extremely hard working and talented bunch.

When I heard that there was an opportunity to collaborate with David Lyttle, I signed up straight away. At first I didn't know exactly what the collaboration would be, but I was over the moon to find out what we had written would be on the album.

How was your experience of working with David?

I felt the first song I wrote with David didn't represent what I was aiming for as an artist, but when when I came to him with 'Control' and we laid down the demo, I knew straight away that I was going to love it. It fitted the vibe I was going for and allowed room for David's genius to add to it.

When we were listening back to the demo, he was firing out all the ideas that he had for the track, and I could already hear it coming together in my mind. I was amazed when he sent me the finished product. He had turned it into a groovy, upbeat track with a wacky synth solo - something I'd never imagined being in my music - but it all just seemed to work.

Did the retro aesthetic running through the album appeal to your own style?

Before writing with David, I had already heard his music, and was afraid that my music and writing style wasn't going to be the right fit. But once we got into it, the ideas flowed naturally and I started to really enjoy the writing. 

I think that we worked well together, and our contrasting vibes moulded well together. I like the retro and funky aesthetic that he adds to music. He gave the song so much more life.

Talk us through the video you made with local filmmaker Paul Brown.

The concept of the video was based around the lyrics of the song, which describe someone's mind being taken over by their 'demons' haunting and controlling them. This is reflected by the very talented Ethan McKeegan dancing behind me, and pulling at me, representing the 'demon' in my mind, which traps me and twist my perspective of life. 

The 'demon' is full of energy as he has taken it from me, 'stolen my soul', whilst I am mainly stood still, paralysed. At the end of the video, it finally steps out from behind me, and we look our separate ways, hinting that I have fought him off and that I am no longer under his control.

How would you sum up your experience of Scenarios?

As I have been a huge fan of David for many years, and look up to him musically, it was an absolute honour to get to meet and collaborate with him. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with him knows just how hard working, talented and down to earth he is. I'm also so privileged to be featured on the album, alongside some of the country's most talented artists.

Scenarios has been supported by PRS for Music Foundation in partnership with Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Derry City and Strabane District Council.

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