'Video & Television Techniques' Courses at the Nerve Centre

'Video & Television Techniques' Courses at the Nerve Centre

Whether your looking for a new career start, a route into further education or just following a hobby, our OCN Level 3 'Video & Television Techniques' course will suit. All you need is enthusiasm and nine months to fully commit yourself. 

The course involves a basic introduction to all elements of video production & also gives an insight into working within the industry, media law, health & safety, etc.

The course is free to successful applicants and runs from the beginning of October to the end of June (currently under review with an aim to start in September). It attracts students of all ages, normally a very varied selection of students from 17 years old to 65.

Class is structured for three days weekly (10am - 4pm) although video productions (assignments) can involve filming weekends or any weekday throughout the nine-month period. It is a full time course so if you’re in full time employment it will not suit.

Successful candidates are chosen after a short interview and application assessment.

The course will cover:

* Storyboarding & the language of film

* Manual camera controls

* Location sound recording for video

* Lighting techniques

* Intro to Final Cut Pro editing

* Health & Safety in a working environment

* Production & Directing skills etc, etc.

During their time here, student productions will include; a news item, an advertisement, a promotional or instructional video, a music video and finally a drama.

For more information or to be added to our course database contact Bobby at the Nerve Centre on 028 7126 0562 or email b.gordon@nervecentre.org. Download an application form from the following link:

Application for Full Time Courses 

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