SYNC Students Set To Make Radio Debut

SYNC Students Set To Make Radio Debut

Nerve Centre's SYNC and Resonate initiatives are about to make the leap to radio with the premiere play of a song written and recorded by young people involved in both.

BBC Radio Foyle's Stephen McCauley will be the first to air the original composition titled 'Where I Belong' on his Electric Mainline show as well as talking to the students themselves about their experience of the projects.

The song's lyrics, sung in harmonious alternating lines by a number of SYNC students, describe the journey from alienation to feeling at home when you find your proper place.

With the musical guidance of former Kharma 45, Intermission and current Wyldling man Glen Rosborough, Paddy Nash and Philip Wallace the collaborative track came to fruition during Resonate's recent week-long Crossover Sessions, which saw musicians of both professional and amateur backgrounds write and record together at the Nerve Centre.


The SYNC Music Promise students responsible for 'Where I Belong' have already had the opportunity to perform to live audiences on a number of occasions this year, including the final Glasgowbury festival while others can currently be seen on the small screen as part of the CBBC series Hit The Stage, hosted by Katy B, airing every day this week.

Electric Mainline airs from 7pm on Thursday, November 7.

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