Students Perform to Celebrate Programme Half-way Point

Students Perform to Celebrate Programme Half-way Point

For the second year running, students enrolled in various courses within the Nerve Centre have held a highly entertaining performance in the Nerve Centre's cinema to celebrate the midway point in their various programmes. 

The event, which was organised by and featured the enrolled students, lasted around two hours and was made up of various musical performances from acoustic singer/songwriters, rappers, and country balladeers. Members of the public also attended to listen to the diverse musical offerings on show.

These students are currently enrolled in various creative media courses run by the Nerve Centre including Music Performance Technology, Music Production, Creative Media and Video Production. Upon completion of their year-long course, the successful students will receive a Level 3 OCN award for progression, which is an A-Level equivalent.

Conor, a student currently enrolled, has been enjoying the experience: 'The course has been brilliant. Anyone who wants to do music professionally should aim to acquire the skills that allow them to be self-sufficient - from being able to use the sound desk in their live work, to knowing their way round recording software such as Logic. The Nerve Centre's course not only provides excellent tuition in these and many other areas, but also an environment which encourages a hands on approach to learning.'

A video of the music event is currently being assembled and will be posted online early in the New Year.

For more information on the courses available at the Nerve Centre, contact 028 7126 0562 or via email

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