Scare Yourself Silly With Hallowe’en Horror Week at the Nerve Centre

Scare Yourself Silly With Hallowe’en Horror Week at the Nerve Centre

What’s your favourite scary movie? This year Foyle Film Festival at Nerve Centre builds the cinematic suspense all the way to All Hallows’ Eve with a week of big screen scares for horror lovers young and old, from October 27 - 31.

Amongst the standout showings is the legendary lost film Wake In Fright, a ruthlessly dark portrayal of the sun-drenched Australian outback, described by Nick Cave as ‘the most terrifying film in existence’. A product of the seventies slasher heyday, it’s an absolute must-see for fans of off-kilter cult cinema.

Both instalments of the terrifying horror series Insidious play across October 30 and 31, taking the traditional tricks of much-loved classics into the new age of supernatural scares.

Elsewhere Sound of My Voice offers a more subtly haunting side of Hollywood, for those who prefer their thrills eerily low-key to the typical bombardment of cheap spooks and flimsy effects.

There are frights aplenty for families too as a spooky selection of feature-length animations, including grisly twists on the childhood-favourites Toy Story and Shrek series’, screen each afternoon throughout the week. And with complimentary popcorn on offer for all young cinema-goers, the question of trick or treat has never been more easily answered.

Hallowe’en Horror Week at the Nerve Centre runs from October 27 – 31. Tickets for all screenings are £2 and can be booked online at

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