New Exhibition Looks Beyond The Walls

New Exhibition Looks Beyond The Walls

The iconic Free Derry Wall will be transformed for an entire weekend as images by award-winning photographer Kai Wiedenhofer go on display simultaneously in Derry~Londonderry and the Berlin Wall this month.

The images form part of the second major photographic exhibition of the UK City of Culture year in Derry~Londonderry, following on from the hugely acclaimed ‘Picturing Derry’ exhibition at the City Factory.

‘Wall on Wall’ forms part of the new ‘Beyond the Walls’ exhibition, a partnership between the Nerve Centre and the Culture Company’s BT Portrait of a City project, which examines how conflicts have changed the physical landscape including the cities of Dubrovnik, Baghdad and Belfast.

For the past seven years, the award-winning Wiedenhofer has been documenting peace walls across the world and has become something of an iconic figure in Germany for his panoramic displays mounted on the Berlin Wall.

For ‘Wall on Wall'  in Germany Wiedenhofer will mount 36 panoramic images onto the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall on the western side. The eastern side is known as the East Side Gallery and is one of the tourist hot spots in Berlin.

Simultaneously one of his images will be displayed on Free Derry Wall in the Bogside for the duration of the opening weekend of the new exhibition. Wiedenhofer’s work will also be displayed in the main exhibition at the City Factory which runs from Thursday 18 July to Sunday 25 August.

Pearse Moore, Chief Executive of the Nerve Centre, said: 'Through his work Kai Wiedenhofer has brought to international attention the dangers and problems of divided societies throughout the world.  It is fitting in the City of Culture year that he has chosen to bring his work to Derry~Londonderry and highly symbolic that his work should be displayed simultaneously on the Berlin Wall and here on Free Derry Corner.'

Declan Sheehan, Curator of the ‘Beyond the Walls’ exhibition, said: 'The success of the Picturing Derry exhibition shows that there is an appetite among the people of this city to re-examine the recent past and perhaps see it with new eyes through the medium of photography. Kai Wiedenhofer’s work around the world has a particular resonance in this city and we are extremely excited at the prospect of exhibiting his work here.'

The exhibition comprises three strands: A new selection of work from the Picturing Derry exhibition with photographs by Camerawork Darkrooms, Willie Carson, Larry Doherty, Willie Doherty, Eamon Melaugh, Barney McMonagle, Brian J Gill, Clive Limpkin and Homer Sykes; Broken Lights of Yugoslavia, a war photo exhibition by Emmanuel Ortiz and the ‘Beyond the Walls’ photographs by Kai Wiedenhofer.

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