Nerve Centre's Young Filmmakers Star in BFI Highlight Reel

Nerve Centre's Young Filmmakers Star in BFI Highlight Reel

Talented young filmmakers involved in Nerve Centre's BFI Film Academy have been featured among the video highlights of the organisation's 2013/14 programme alongside participants from all around the UK.

Having been delivered for the first time in Northern Ireland, the project was a unique opportunity for students already studying Moving Image Arts at higher level to participate in a skills-based academy of workshops and masterclasses delivered by industry professionals.

Over 18 weeks of training the 16-19 year-olds developed their skills in all areas from script to screen; produced their own short films and heard from the best in the business on how to get into and succeed in the film industry as well as connect to a wider network of young talent through the British Film Institute.

Students also gained essential practice in developing and pitching ideas and producing their own work on top of learning more about distribution, film festivals and programming by viewing films from around the world.

As a core aim of BFI’s Film Forever five-year plan to support the future success of UK film, the BFI Film Academy formed a key part of ambitious plans to revolutionise film education for 5-19 year olds.

Speaking in the video, BFI Chief Executive Amanda Nevill said the Academy’s purpose is to allow young people who are showing promise ‘to have a go’ at working with industry professionals. ‘That’s really important,’ she added, ‘because talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t.’

The Department of Education in England along with funding partners the National Lottery, Creative Scotland and Northern Ireland Screen have worked with BFI to bring the Academy to all of the UK while strategic ties with BAFTA, Pinewood Studios and Creative Skillset have helped ensure a gold standard educational programme.

Following the completion of BFI Film Academy courses young people can progress to further opportunities such as apprenticeships or employment within the film sector or further learning through Higher Education.

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