Nerve Centre To Host Prestigious World Music Programme

Nerve Centre To Host Prestigious World Music Programme

Nerve Centre is delighted to be hosting a new programme of traditional Eastern and Western music and culture workshops designed by global diversity organisation Beyond Skin in partnership with the internationally renowned World of Music, Arts & Dance (WOMAD) festival.

The unique Balkan Rhythms & the Celtic Connection WOMAD course, open to participants aged 18+ with basic guitar or percussion skills, is delivered by Derry~Londonderry based artists and runs from January 23 to February 28.

In addition to learning a new creative skill participants will explore diversity, human rights and more through music, gain an OCN accreditation in ‘Understanding Diversity Through the World of Music, Arts & Dance’ and perform a culminating gig with Balkan Alien Sound at their Gypsy Folk Klub.

The programme, developed in partnership with NICE and funded through OFMDFM Good Relations, will delve into the differences and similarities in Eastern and Western traditional music and culture – in particular Celtic and Balkan, as well as how themes of identity, global citizenship and more relate.

With Balkan Alien Sound the group will rehearse and perform a selected piece of music that will demonstrate understanding of musical knowledge gained over the duration of the course.

After choosing the piece the group will be focusing on rhythm (drums/hand- drums/bouzoukis/guitars) and provide the rhythm section for Balkan Alien Sound in a concert setting.

WOMAD is the world’s most prestigious International Arts Festival spanning over 25 countries since 1980. WOMAD was co-founded by rock icon, Peter Gabriel.

In January 2013 through a PEACE III Belfast City Council fund, the partner organization for WOMAD in Northern Ireland, Beyond Skin, launched an outreach programme of WOMAD workshops, showcase events & festivals.

To date WOMAD workshops have reached 13 council districts through the outreach programme that has included 6 showcase events and over 300 workshops.

Participants must be over 18yrs, have their own instrument and are required to pay a £30 registration OCN fee which covers the entire course.

Seven 90 minute workshops will be hosted at the Nerve Centre and lead towards a performance Sunday, March 1.

For more information email or phone the Beyond Skin office on 078 7775 6987. Places are limited and will be booked on a first come first served basis.

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