Nerve Centre To Host Exciting New Collaborative Project

Nerve Centre To Host Exciting New Collaborative Project

Bands, solo musicians and electronic producers / DJs are being invited to take over the Nerve Centre's venue for a week for a unique collaboration and musical mash up.

The Nerve Centre’s Resonate project, in association with Blast Furnace Recording Studio, is running the Crossover Sessions – a major new round of collaborations that will give participants the chance to experiment with genres and cross musical boundaries.

For one week (October 14 - 19) the Crossover Sessions will see different production teams and sets of musicians meet up to exchange musical ideas and collaborate on a set of recordings, with an opportunity for the public to drop in and see behind the scenes as they work.

A diverse group of musicians, selected from a pool of online applicants, will be paired up with a team of producers and engineers who will work to tease out the musical ideas within the group into a new piece of music.

In addition to the recordings there will also be DJs and electronic producers on hand to chop up, re-imagine and add their own twist to the musical parts culminating in a series of remixes of the original pieces.

The Crossover Sessions will run all day, every day from October 14 - 19 in the Nerve Centre's state-of-the-art venue, in Magazine Street. There will be public access each evening from 7-9pm with bar facilities where you can hear work in progress and find out about some of the challenges participants face during the creative process.

Pearse Moore, chief executive of the Nerve Centre, said: 'The Crossover Sessions is the latest element of  the Resonate project, which has been running since April. As well as recording a wide range of musical collaborations, Resonate has also been on hand to document many of the major musical happenings of City of Culture year, from Music City! to the Maiden City Festival, Celtronic to Culture Tech. A website will be launched next month, showcasing the material recorded.'

For further information and to apply for the Crossover Sessions contact Rory Donaghy, or go to


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