Nerve Centre Cinema @ Brunswick Moviebowl: Schedule of Oscar® Nominated Film Screenings

Nerve Centre Cinema @ Brunswick Moviebowl: Schedule of Oscar® Nominated Film Screenings

Two of the most critically acclaimed films of 2014, Inside Llewyn Davis and Nebraska, will have one-off screenings in Brunswick Moviebowl, as part of the Nerve Centre Cinema’s extended partnership with the seven-screen digital cinema.

First up on the big screen on Thursday, March 6 is the Coen brothers' Cannes Grand Prix-winning Inside Llewyn Davis. The American comedy-drama centres on a struggling folk musician in 1960s New York.

Oscar Isaac gives a superb turn as Llewyn Davis, a young, angry, penniless musician always asking for favours from his dwindling circle of friends. Trying to forge a solo career, Llewyn drags his guitar across New York looking for gigs and couches to sleep on.

With echoes of their earlier works such as O Brother, Where Art Thou? and A Serious Man, this film has garnered a host of five star reviews for its cast, including Justin Timberlake and Cary Mulligan and its melodic soundtrack in which folk songs are performed in full.

'Brilliantly written, terrifically acted, superbly designed and shot... What an intense pleasure this film is, one of the Coens' best.' - The Guardian

Next up on Thursday, March 20, is six-times Oscar® nominated Nebraska. Directed by Alexander Payne, the film follows the journey of Bruce Dern and Will Forte as an elderly father showing signs of dementia and his middle-aged son as they embark on an unforgettable road trip.  

Woody (Dern) is convinced he has won a fortune, and must travel from Billings, Montana to Licoln, Nebraska to cash in. Whilst his son Grant (Forte) disbelieves the claim, the journey allows him to analyse his father’s character, explore his past and begin to understand him.

Filmed in stunning black and white tones, Nebraska is steeped in nostalgia, regret and bitter-sweet moments, with an elegant ode to the old country.

'Nebraska is an absolutely enchanting film, so funny, so touching, ringing true — for me right up there with the year’s best.' - David Sexton, The Standard

Tickets for the Nerve Centre Cinema @ Brunswick Moviebowl screenings (£6 / Senior Citizen £5.50 / Student £5.50) are available at Brunswick Moviebowl box office and

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