Neil Cowley Uncovers City's Musical Gems

Neil Cowley Uncovers City's Musical Gems

Neil Cowley, UK City of Culture Musician in Residence at the Nerve Centre, has been turning up young ‘musical gems’ during workshops with young people all across the city this week.

Neil has been amazed at some of the talent and unexpected ‘musical nous’ the SYNC - Music Promise in the Community workshops have been unearthing.

“What strikes me is that there’s a real hunger from these kids to be involved in music. When you walk in the room it might appear like chaos but they’re really engaged, there’s something exciting going on,” he said.

"Without conceit, I think it’s important that someone like me can give a bit of direction, and help out all the other Nerve Centre tutors, by adding a bit of piano stardust here and there, something to remember the evening by.

"It’s really satisfying for me to know that little Owen will go home and say mummy someone taught me to play Jaws on the piano, or little Jasmine will say I sang ‘Rolling in The Deep’."

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