Mervyn Ramage – An Appreciation

Mervyn Ramage – An Appreciation

It is with great sadness that the Nerve Centre has learned of the death of Mervyn Ramage, the centre’s much-loved Technical Supervisor.

For many of the thousands of people who have used the Nerve Centre over the last 15 years, Mervyn was a familiar and welcoming face at the helm of our cinema and video department, responsible for providing technical support, advice and guidance to a whole generation of young film-makers.

Mervyn came to the Nerve Centre as a student himself, on our video production course in 1998, and through his dedication, commitment and enthusiasm to help and support those around him, became part of the team once his course ended.

During his time at the Nerve Centre, Mervyn played an essential role in training, education, technical support and working as production and location manager on all of our productions.

Mervyn embodied the ethos and spirit of the Nerve Centre and during those 15 years became part of the very essence and DNA of our organisation.

A gentle soul and a gentle man, Mervyn was a wise head amongst us, often introducing a much needed shot of common sense and life experience to avert or defuse a creative crisis or looming technical disaster. As a father figure within the centre, Mervyn had seen and done it all before and impressed upon us the lesson that given a deep breath, a smoke and a coffee, most problems could be solved.

It was in the aftermath of such events that Mervyn often found himself unable to resist the temptation to offer some sage advice by way of a cutting, but always affectionate, line or two to remind you how much you had to learn – delivered with a twinkle of those striking blue eyes and a stroke of his beard.

He was a vital part of the delivery of the Foyle Film Festival each year. Heroic shifts every November at the festival were clear to see, but less obvious were the countless evenings and weekends when he was here to ensure that a screening went smoothly or a camera was ready for a student to use.

Thousands of people have bettered themselves as a result of Mervyn’s dedication over the last 15 years, with many entering the creative industries as a result and thousands more having enjoyed screenings, birthday parties and events at the centre because of him.

Mervyn passed away on January 15, 2013. He will be sorely missed by many, many people, both at the Nerve Centre and from much further afield. Our lives will all be poorer for his absence.

May he rest in peace.

Anyone seeking further information on the funeral arrangements please contact the Nerve Centre on 028 7126 0562.

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