LGBT Campaigner Opposes Devastating Cuts to Foyle Film Festival

LGBT Campaigner Opposes Devastating Cuts to Foyle Film Festival

LGBT-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has spoken of his 'shock and sadness' after learning that the Nerve Centre’s film education projects, including the Oscar-affiliated Foyle Film Festival and Intercultural & Anti-racism Festival, are under threat from proposed 50% budget cuts.

The director of human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, visited the Foyle Film Festival in 2013, with a special screening of his Love Russia, Hate Homophobia documentary, that explored the impact of the Russian Government’s anti-gay laws on the LGBT community in Russia.

In a written statement to the Festival, Mr Tatchell said:

'On a personal level, I have attended both the annual Foyle Film Festival and the Intercultural & Anti­-Racism Festival over the last few years, to introduce screenings and deliver presentations and talks on the subject of sexual orientation discrimination and inequality. The screenings and presentations were part of both the festivals’ main and educational programmes.

'These festivals were hugely important, to provide a platform to discuss controversial issues, such as racism, discrimination (in all its forms) and human rights abuses, and to help educate young people to be more tolerant to others, regardless of perceived differences.

'Therefore it is devastating to learn that events such as the Foyle Film Festival and Intercultural and Anti-­Racism Festival are facing massive budgets cuts of up to 50%.” The Nerve Centre’s work in the area of creative learning and film education impacted on over 30,000 last year, including teachers, youth leaders and young people, 80% of whom are from disadvantaged communities in Northern Ireland.

The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) has asked Northern Ireland Screen to prepare for cuts to its budget next year from £1.9m to £1m.

The proposed cuts will also affect Northern Ireland’s Creative Learning Centres, as well as Cinemagic, Belfast Film Festival, the Queen's Film Theatre, and CultureTECH.

The Nerve Centre have started a campaign against the cuts and are asking the public and users of their services to send objections here or direct to DCAL on

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