Let Nerve Centre Change Your Mind About Mental Health

Let Nerve Centre Change Your Mind About Mental Health

Nerve Centre is set to mark World Mental Health Day on Saturday, October 10 with the launch of short animated film created in partnership with the Clarendon Street Beacon Centre.

Change Your Mind uses the honesty and humour of conversations recorded with Beacon members to shed light on some of the most sensitive subjects around mental well-being and tackling the often associated stigma.

The personal stories featured also encourage open discussion around the psychological, emotional and behavioral difficulties faced by those suffering with mental health problems.

Beacon members worked alongside Nerve Centre's Creative Learning Centre staff to design and make claymation figurines, props and backgrounds that would help illustrate their own experiences in a sequence of unique and thought-provoking animations.

Project co-ordinator Ruairi O'Doherty, who works with the Beacon members day-to-day, said: 'It was a challenging experience and for the members a completely unknown artform, but they really stepped it up in not only maintaining their focus and enthusiasm throughout the project but in each bringing their individual style and personalities to the finished product as well.'

He added: 'The Creative Learning Centre staff were fantastic to work alongside and in particular CLC trainer David Dryden, who knew exactly how to approach the often delicate subject matter and where it was appropriate to extract humour from it. We're very proud of the piece we've ended up with.'

The animation premiere is to be followed by the screening of Drop, a short drama written and directed by Derry-based musician and Nerve Centre course tutor John Deery. It also explores some of the harsh realities those affected by issues surrounding mental health have to frequently encounter.

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

Nerve Centre previously worked with Clarendon Street Beacon Centre for the recording of Six Strings & Stigma, a compilation album of original songs inspired by its members stories.

Change Your Mind screens free at the Nerve Centre Cinema at 7pm on Saturday, October 10. Afterwards there will be live music from Little Hooks plus guests in the nearby Castle Bar. Admission for this is £5.

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