Invite to Walled City Records Launch

Invite to Walled City Records Launch

Damian McGinty and Oran O’Carroll, the faces behind the Audio Booth recording studio at the Nerve Centre, are setting up a new record label and inviting you to the launch.

Walled City Records is aimed at promoting the music of young and upcoming bands/artists from Derry~Londonderry and beyond and will be selling their music on 27 digital stores including iTunes, Amazon, Band Camp, Reverb Nation, 7 Digital and Spotify.  

The label will also be promoting artists on a global platform through Damian’s near one million strong fanbase on Twitter and Facebook. 

The first artist signed to the label is singer/songwriter Darrell Coyle, whose new EP is being launched simultaneously with the new label. As well as Darrell, a number of other acts will be appearing, including Justin Black, Susie-Blue, Cheryl McEvoy, Thelma O’Regan and Andrew Devine

The Walled City Records launch night is on Saturday September 8, in Café Nervosa at the Nerve Centre. Doors are at 8pm, £3.50 admission, hot buffet provided.

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