FabLab Announce One Day Social Innovation Showcase

FabLab Announce One Day Social Innovation Showcase

Fab Lab Belfast and Fab Lab Nerve Centre are delighted to announce Fabricating the Future: FabLabs and Digital Social Innovation as a one day event on November 10 to showcase and explore the work of FabLab Belfast and FabLab Nerve Centre in the use of Digital Fabrication as a Creative tool for Peacebuilding, Education and Social Innovation in local communities.

The event will look at how the FabLab model, as developed by MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms and now delivered through a network of over 400 labs across the world, has been delivering an innovative programme of Peacebuilding, curriculum mapped STEM > STEAM learning and wider Social Innovation through Public Health, Skills and Entrepreneurship programmes in local communities in NI.

International best practice around the use of FabLab’s for Creativity based Digital Social Innovation will be examined alongside these local models, and a range of case studies will be showcased to show FabLabs in practical action in our communities.

This will be followed by the opportunity to engage in a range of hands on taster sessions and workshops around the Creative and Social use of FabLabs. Attendees will have the opportunity to actively discover and explore the use of Digital Fabrication including 3d Printers, Milling Machines, Laser and Vinyl Cutters to deliver Social outcomes.

John Peto, Director of Education at Nerve Centre, said: 'FabLabs have evolved into a key player in Digital Social Innovation at an international level. The idea of giving people the skills to not only use software to design real products and solutions, but to then use new digital technologies to make those products and solutions for yourself, is empowering communities, learners, businesses and individuals around the world. The Ashton Centre and Nerve Centre have been driving this process in NI over the last two years and we are keen to share both our own learning and key international projects with local practitioners.'

'If you are interested in engaging Communities, School Children, Entrepreneurs or working around Mental health, then this is an essential event. Come along and get inspired by how new and emerging technologies are being used for wider community benefits through the FabLab model.’

Booking open September 2014.

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