Culture Bites at Cafe Nervosa

Culture Bites at Cafe Nervosa

The Nerve Centre is delighted to host free lunchtime performances in Cafe Nervosa, as part of the Maiden City Festival, between Monday August 6 and Friday August 10.

Top performers at Cafe Nervosa include Best Boy Grip, Paddy Nash & A Side of Enchiladas, Connor McAleer, Lost Avenue, and Ard Ri. See our What's On guide for more information on performers and times.

Other venues taking part in the Culture Bites programme include Claude's, in Shipquay Street, Boston Tea Party in the Craft Village, Austin’s Department Store on the Diamond, Cafe Soul by Shipquay Gate and Cafe del Mondo in the Craft Village in the square to the rear of the Tower Museum. As diverse a range of music performance as you will find anywhere this summer.

For more information on the Maiden City Festival, check out the festival website:

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