Creative Learning Centre Rounds Off Oakgrove Partnership with Amelia Earhart Celebration

Creative Learning Centre Rounds Off Oakgrove Partnership with Amelia Earhart Celebration

Nerve Centre's Creative Learning Centre brought to a close its year-long Primary Partnership Programme with Oakgrove Intregrated Primary and Nursery School with an anniversary celebration of American aviator Amelia Earhart.

With assistance from Nerve Centre's creative media trainers and FabLab facility, over two days Primary four pupils marked 83 years since the pilot's historic transatlantic flight by reenacting scenes from her takeoff in Newfoundland and landing in Culmore. It was the culmination of tailored support planned by the CLC and FabLab for partner teachers, helping them use creative digital media to take pupils from researching how we travel to custom-built glider test flights to storytelling with film and animation.

Taking in many aspects of the cutting edge STEAM learning model the Creative Learning Centre has worked with Oakgrove staff (Simone Bartlett, Lisa McCorkell, Aisling McMonagle, Catriona Sargent and Alissa Williamson) to introduce to the ciriculum over the last year, the pupil's dramatic reconstruction incorporated film, animation and green screen technology as well as a bit of acting spark from a few costumed volunteers amongst the two classes.

Primary fives also used film, sound, iPads and QR codes to make an interactive educational jigsaw for their topic about Derry's walls, while Primary fours experienced 'STEAM machines' which inspired throughout their 'Journeys' topic. 

For the ultimate flying experience, FabLab and CLC staff even digitally fabricated a custom, authentic-looking cockpit based on Earhart's Lockheed Vega 5B using the facility's CNC router. History was also brought to life when pupils had the chance to examine a 3D-printed model of Earhart's actual flight suit.

The films shot across the two days are currently in the process of post-production and will be available to view on the Nerve Centre's YouTube channel once completed.

The Creative Learning Centre is the educational model that the Nerve Centre has developed to bring digital creativity into the heart of the curriculum. Almost 7,000 young people and more than 5,000 teachers have received training in digital skills including film, music, coding and animation across locations in Derry, Belfast and Armagh. 

These skills amount to a new form of 21st century digital literacy. By providing teachers and pupils with access to high level ICT skills, the Creative Learning Centres aim to empower young people to become active, creative and deeper learners.

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