Nerve Centre Staff 2015/16

Nerve Centre Staff 2015/16

Senior Management

  • Chief Executive: Pearse Moore


  • Director of Education: John Peto


  • Adminstrator: Lynn Wallace
  • Receptionist: Eamon Phillips
  • Finance Manager: Paul Halpenny

Production Department/ Course Co-Ordinators

  • Creative Media Course Co-Ordinator/Facilities Manager: Richard Taylor
  • Media Techniques Course Co-Ordinator: Bobby Gordon
  • Creative Media Course Co-Ordinator: John Deery
  • Audio Course Co-Ordinator: Glen Rosborough
  • Animator: John McCloskey

Music Promise

  • Project Manager: Martin McGill
  • Project Co-Ordinator: Marty Coyle 
  • Equipment Resources Manager: Dave Murray

Foyle Film Festival/ Cinema Initiative

  • Director/Programmer: Bernie McLaughlin

After Schools Film Club Project

  • Project Co-Ordinator: Eavan King

Creative Learning Centre Derry

  • Education Manager: Sharon Tosh
  • Creative Media Trainer: Mic O Connell
  • Creative Media Trainer: Luke Porter
  • Creative Media Trainer: David Dryden
  • Creative Media Trainer: Colm O'Donnell
  • Flash Animator/ Trainer: Dee Gribbon

Divided Histories

  • Creative Media Trainer: Matthew McAleer


  • Project Manager: Eamon Durey
  • Technician: Paul McCay
  • Technician: Rachel Bonner

Communications and Digital Projects

  • Director of Communications & Digital Content: David Lewis
  • Digital Projects Officer: Joe Carlin
  • Digital Communications Officer: Karen Friel
  • Digital Communications Assistant/ Culture Northern Ireland Editorial: Daniel Robinson
  • Digital Resource Developer: Niall Kerr

Nerve Belfast

  • Finance & Operations Manager: Darren Porter
  • Curriculum Manager: Sarah Lawrence
  • School Partnership Co-ordinator: Barry Brennan
  • Creative Media Trainer: Ruth Davidson
  • Creative Media Trainer: Bill Gilmore
  • Creative Media Trainer: Jennifer McAlorum
  • Creative Media Trainer: Clark Phillips
  • Creative Media Trainer: Nicola Clarke
  • Creative Centenaries Project Manager: Paula Matthews
  • Creative Media Placement Student: Nuala Carland
  • Creative Media Placement Student: Zoë Bambrick

Blast Furnace

  • Studio Manager: Rory Donaghy
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