Maiden City Festival: Ard Ri

Fri 10 Aug 12:30pm

Born from a love of breaking from the norm and following their hearts, Ard Ri are a band of musical vagabonds with a message and a mission.

Showcasing a brand of folk music unique only to their time and setting, Jonny Nutt, Philip Wallace and Conor O’Kane are a voice for their generation, shouting loudest and clearest when people are listening closest.

A trio of cosmically linked souls, Ard Ri formed out of a mutual respect for the folk craft from honing their skills in countless bands before. A super-group of sorts catch them in their various guises as integral parts of Here Comes The Landed Gentry, Paddy Nash & The Happy Enchiladas and Teknopeasant.

Whether caught in the corner of a pub sipping on their tipple of choice or admired when commanding a stage, Ard Ri’s professionalism and craft never fail to shine through.

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